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How to Draw a Nose - Step by Step

In this video learn to draw the nose in 5 steps: lay-in, two value, dark accents, halftones / highlights, and details. We visualize the minor and major planes of the nose and render 3-dimensional form using tone.

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so i'm currently trying to learn perspective, but all the drawings i make of blocks, boxes, etc. are always looking distorted/warped. is there any tutorial or something that could help me with this?

It sounds like you have your vanishing points too close together, which causes the warped look. A good rule of thumb is to atleast have one vanishing point out of the field of view (the picture). 

There are tons of perspective books cheap that I highly recommend reading, but you can start out with Fox-orian’s tutorial.


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Adding character diversity: Body type

Unique Features Tutorial Pt 1 by jeinu

Tips on how to draw not so cookie cutter characters! Change body type and shape, showing off natural differences in build that happen in real life! Not everyone is built the same!

Pt 2 and 3 will follow but check it out on the original posting on the artist’s deviant!

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Painting Gem Tutorials

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How to Draw a Nose - Anatomy and Structure.

In this tutorial I cover how to draw the structure of the nose and it’s anatomy. We look at the nose in 3 groups, the bridge of the nose, ball of the nose, and wings of the nose. The nasal bone, maxilla, lateral cartilage, greater alar cartilage, alar fat, nostrils, septum, glabella.

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How to Draw an Eye - Step by Step

This tutorial shows step by step, how I draw an eye. I break up this eye drawing into 5 steps: layin, 2 values, full value / dark accents, halftones and highlight, cleanup edges and shapes.

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How to Draw Eyes

In this tutorial I cover how to draw the structure of the eye and it’s anatomy. The eyeball, eye socket, brow ridge, eyelids, tear duct, sclera, iris, pupil, cornea, glabella, and epicanthic fold.

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a whole bunch of artwork advice


ALRIGHT, here’s a post I’ve been meaning to make for quite a while. Ahead is just a bunch of tips and advice that I’ve picked up over time. I’m no professional and I still have a ton to learn, but I hope you can benefit from this regardless!

also, sorry for the formality of the fancy graphics, there are some cool people who know how to make things look organized without using these types of things but sadly i am not one of them.

Often, I’ll hear an artist say something like, “I want to draw (insert subject here), but I don’t know how to draw girls!” 

Never be deterred from drawing something because you don’t know how to draw it. If you don’t know how to draw a girl, look up some references, and start learning how to draw girls. You’re not going to learn anything by sitting around and saying you want to draw something but you can’t. If you only draw things you are comfortable with drawing, you won’t grow as an artist. 

Challenge yourself! Draw something you’ve never drawn before. Sure, the first time it’s going to probably not be very good. But then try it again. And again. Remember, there is no where to go but up, so as long as you practice you will only get better at it. 

(the rest under the cut!)

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Sorry for making such a huge post! I was just concerned about some of the bigger pictures being viewable, so I didn’t want to make this a text post…

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How to Draw the Head from Extreme Angles

In this tutorial I draw the head from extreme angles, which are frequently ignored by most artists. The Loomis method is a great tool to solve the difficult angles.

Get Loomis’s book here - http://www.proko.com/books

Part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EPNYWeEf1U
Part 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4ZLkyTuX_w
Part 3 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yS6R2l8t8wo

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